01 March 2015

Rabbit Rabbit

Happy first day of March!

20 November 2014

Little Elephant Raffle Winner

Using the random number generator from the folks at random.org, I picked a winner! I wrote down the tickets as they were purchased, assigning each one a number based on the order in which they were bought. The winning ticket is...
Which belonged to Laura. Congrats, Laura! Your elephant will be on her way soon!
Thanks to everyone who entered, hopefully we can have another one soon.

15 November 2014

Advent Knitting

I went into my Christmas knitting, once again, with the goal of making almost everything by hand. For about the fifth year in a row. Now that we're into the middle of November, I am realizing it's probably not going to happen. For about the fifth year in a row. Also, we are making our own advent calender. I had planned to make a little knitted something for each tree. I guess I didn't realize how very much work it is to knit 24 anything, even if they're very little somethings.
I started out with a mini stocking garland:
Being ravelled here: http://ravel.me/NataliesKnits/mcso
I figured they could be the first four days of the advent, maybe with a little confection in each one.
Then I started a couple of little critters:
A little Rudolf and mini pink elephant. Which my mom says looks like a mini pig with a long nose. But cute nonetheless.
I am also planning on knitting my girl a super cute shawl, To Grandma's House. It's going to be the gift that's from me, rather than Santa. And I would like a couple of these cute reindeer under the tree as well. And this year, I absolutely have to knit t least two golden snitchs as gifts.
And I have realized that I really should have started in January! I would much rather have those knitted gifts than 24 little knitted advent trinkets, so I broke down and bought a few little things for the advent forest. Mostly Frozen related stuff, because someone in this house is in love with that movie.
What is everyone else knitting up for Christmas 2014?

25 October 2014

Halloween Swap - What I Got

Just wanted to pop in and share what an amazing package I got in the mini TOK Halloween swap! Check it out:
I am so in love with everything! You'll notice the squirrel doesn't have a head - no chocolate is safe in my house! Some awesome Halloween yarn, fun Pez candy for my Magdalena, a cool postcard from Salem, confetti and stickers...plus, SOME REALLY COOL HARRY POTTER STAMPS! O M G they are awesome, I am in love, I think they are so, just, the awesomest coolest thing in, well, ever.
Sorry, I forgot how to English there.
Happy Saturday everyone!
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